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Materials Research Facilities

Materials research at the cutting edge cannot happen without world-class facilities operating at peak conditions.  IMR operates, manages and/or supports a broad collection of shared core facilities, laboratories and facility centers so that Ohio State’s materials community can carry out world-class research and also provide world-class educational experience to our students through the use of these facilities.

Our support of core facilities comes in a variety of forms, including providing Members of Technical Staff who are responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the labs, occasional support to deal with critical near term needs, and internal research funding used by our researchers to carry out key experiments.  The largest core facility, the Nanotech West Laboratory, is fully operated and managed by IMR, with Members of Technical Staff, administrative oversight and lab leadership all provided by IMR.  We also currently support one Member of Technical Staff each at the NanoSystems Lab (NSL), the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), and the Semiconductor Epitaxy and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL).  The overall coordination of these and other facilities through IMR’s domain continues to be a driving force for IMR activities.

IMR currently supports technical staff in four core materials research facilities on The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus:




The IMR also provides a free passenger shuttle service every weekday to transport researchers between OSU’s main campus and key research facilities on West Campus.

The Ohio State University is also home to several other materials-related instrumentation centers, facilities, and laboratories on campus. All of these facilities are available to researchers within the Ohio State materials community and to external users.  For more information on those facilities, visit their websites linked below:


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